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Our free range Middle White pigs
Our free range Middle White pigs

We moved to Hilltop Farm in 2003. Tired of tasteless supermarket meat, we wanted to produce our own wholesome and tasty food. It started out with just 3 Middle White pigs which we raised for pork. We had mixed feelings when it came to sending them to slaughter, but the meat they produced was just outstanding: tasty, sweet and mouthwatering - that was it, we were hooked!

We have kept Middle White pigs ever since and have become as passionate about the conservation of this breed as the outstanding pork it produces. Nearly 10 years on, we now keep most of the Middle White bloodlines in our herd, including the very rare Alma Rose line.

We believe that the best produce comes from well-reared, healthy, happy animals. Our pigs enjoy a slow and steady life, rooting up the goodness from the ground and wallowing in mud in the hot summer days.

"...we believe good food must be ethically produced."
There are no growth promoters in their food so they grow and mature as nature intended. The sows live outdoors for most of the year, sometimes coming into the barn into cosy straw pens to have their litters. We do not use farrowing crates nor do we nose ring our pigs or cut teeth or tails as is the practice in many commercial pig units. It's harder work to keep pigs the way we do but we believe good food must be ethically produced.

We sell weaners and breeding stock all year round. We've also turned our hands to making our own sausages, bacon and burgers and doing pig roasts for all sorts of events large and small. We sell free range duck eggs and have a small flock of Jacob sheep which we breed and rear on for lamb.

2010 was a special year for us, as two became three with the birth of our son Arthur - he has really taken to the ducks and pigs!